'Every Water Sprites swimming lesson is exciting and varied. We have so much fun. I don’t think Finley has even realised that he has learnt so many other things along the way. He knows lots of songs, colours, numbers, animals, and is so sociable now around other children and adults too. His swimming skills have just got better and better every week, and he knows how to get in and out of the water safely on his own. I have been so impressed at what he has learned. I’ll be bringing Mason too!’ Stacey, Mummy to Finley (19 months) and Mason (1 week)

‘Darcey loves going to Water Sprites, and so do I! I used to be nervous of the water myself and really didn’t want her to have the same fear just because of me. Thankfully Water Sprites lessons have such a nice relaxed atmosphere and now I have become so much more confident in the water too. I know what I can do with her and how to hold her. We have both got so much out of the experience together.' Jen, Mummy to Darcey (12 months)

‘As I work most of the time, I wanted to do something special with Emerson so that we could bond and spend some quality father/son time together. I really wanted to try swimming with him as I had always enjoyed it as a kid but I didn’t know how to start. Then I discovered Water Sprites! Emerson absolutely loves it – we laugh, sing and splash together. The experience really has been magical as I feel that we have spent some quality time together and he has started learning an important skill for life too.’ John, Daddy to Emerson (30 months)

‘We have tried so many different baby and toddler groups – singing, music, and playgroups. Water Sprites is the only one that we can do all of these things, and learn to swim too! I’ve saved a fortune on all these toddler clubs, but more importantly Kitty is so self-confident in the water. She really enjoys it. I even get an arm workout – saves on trips to the gym too!’ Sharlaine, Mummy to Kitty (26 months)

‘We always have such a wonderful time in our swimming lessons. Jo is really attentive and keeps her eye on all of the children to make sure they are challenging themselves in the water, whilst still having lots of fun. Amy was really nervous on a woggle at first, but with Jo’s help we built her confidence and one day she was off all by herself! She’s so proud of what she can do now and has grown from strength the strength.’ Helen, Mummy to Amy (20 months)

‘My little boy has been coming to Water Sprites since he was three months old and we still look forward to our lessons together every week. Doing baby and toddler swimming lessons was one of the best things I ever done with him, not only has it been a wonderful bonding experience for us but he has amazing water confidence now and is really aware about water safety.’ Emma, Mummy to Daniel (3 years)

‘Water Sprites swimming lessons really are a magical experience. Erin loves relaxing and floating on her back now, and she is so happy and giggly in the water. She loves kicking her legs and splashing her arms, and has even started putting her face in the water. We love the ‘Water Wings’ awards too. Very cute!’ Laura, Mummy to Erin (11 months)

‘We have been with Jo at Water Sprites for over 2 years now and just love the swimming lessons. I even arranged my working days around the lessons so that we could keep going after I went back to work! We love the songs and the variety of the lessons, and Joshua has learned so much without even realising it. I would recommend Water Sprites to anyone who has a little one, and urge anyone thinking about baby and toddler swimming lessons to give it a go.’ Dawn, Mummy to Joshua (28 months)

‘Jo always makes us feel so welcome at swimming lessons and creates such a great atmosphere for children to learn and develop. I was nervous about the lessons to start with as I am not a confident swimmer, but really wanted Luke to learn how to swim. When I initially spoke to Jo she really understood my situation and helped to put my concerns to rest. She has been fantastic during lessons too, giving us help if we need it, and the children always have such a fun time. She really makes every effort to remember us all as individuals.’ Claire, Mummy to Luke (17 months)

‘When my daughter returned to work, I was fortunate enough to be able to look after my grandson three days a week, so I decided to look into baby swimming lessons as it was always something that I had been keen on as a parent. Finley and I have a wonderful time together and coming along to Water Sprites together has been a great bonding experience. My daughter is really pleased with how well he is doing too!’ Carol, Grandma to Finley (15 months)

‘Ava had always enjoyed bath time, so I really wanted to get her into swimming lessons early to build on her water confidence. Although she didn’t like floating on her back to start with when she was a baby, with plenty of practice and repetition she managed star float all by herself when she turned 3. It took her a while to be happy holding a woggle too, but we kept trying and one day she suddenly grasped it and swam off by herself. When she was 3 years old, Jo recognised that she was ready to try for her 5 metre badge, so we gave it a go. She did it first time and was so proud and excited when she swam across to the other side of the pool by herself. Getting a 5 metre badge was her first real achievement and I can’t explain how over the moon we all were. There is no stopping her now! I’d like to thank Jo for always believing in her and helping her to be a confident and happy little Water Sprite.’ Emily, Mummy to Ava (4 years)