Bubble Sprites: 8 – 18 months

Bubble Sprites love to blow bubbles! 

In these swimming lessons your baby’s capacity for holding their breath is developed. 

Your baby will become self-confident and gradually self-reliant in the water, through bonding, communication, trust, play, fun and lots of praise.

Bubble Sprites love to splash about! We encourage a lot more movement and experimentation in the water through games, songs, toys, and above all, having fun. Your baby is getting stronger all the time, so we encourage the development of their natural swimming reflexes in water by turning them into conscious movements of the legs and arms in preparation for swimming.

Both you and your baby will further develop key water safety skills during your swimming lessons. 

Your little Bubble Sprite will become more and more independent from you as they develop important swimming skills, strength and self-confidence.

We use repetitive actions to help your ever growing and developing baby to learn and advance their swimming skills naturally.

On completion of the course, your little one will earn their Bubble Sprites water wings and be awarded a certificate of their achievements(These can be purchased at a small extra cost at the end of each term).

Swimming Lessons in Lincolnshire and Newark: Bubble Sprites swimming lessons for older babies take place at our swimming pool in Nettleham, Lincoln, Wragby and Girton, Newark

Whilst we use our age groups as a general guide, our courses are based on the ability and capability of each individual child in the swimming pool. It is about them as individuals and what they can confidently achieve as safely as possible. If your baby is new to the swimming pool or new to swimming lessons, then it may be advisable to start them off in the Baby Sprites class to ensure their happiness and water confidence.  As a minimum for this course, your baby should be able to hold their head up and sit up unaided to ensure their wellbeing, both in the swimming pool and on the poolside, during their swimming lessons.

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