Baby Sprites: Under 8 months

The Baby Sprites swimming lessons familiarise your baby with water in a relaxed and gentle way. 

Newborn babies are naturally at home in water, having spent nine months in the womb. Your baby can be introduced to swimming lessons from birth onwards, which is in line with the most recent recommendations from the Department of Health*.

The aim of these classes is primarily for you and your baby to enjoy being in the water together – the classes will benefit you as much as your baby. 

Every Baby Sprites swimming lesson encourages a loving and caring parent-child relationship and the baby swimming follows naturally from that.

At the same time, we like to create a fun environment for you both to learn the aquatic techniques together and we encourage lots of eye contact using gentle activities and songs.

Both you and your Baby Sprite will start to acquire basic water safety skills during your swimming lessons.

Baby Sprites enjoy the freedom of movement in the water and the experience of floating. 

We introduce submerging practices as soon as your baby is ready, which is an important part of familiarising them with the aquatic environment.

Babies just love to predict what is going to happen to them, so we use simple and gentle repetitive movements during swimming lessons, with songs to help your baby joyfully make sense of their new water world and increase their awareness and confidence.

The swimming lessons progress gently and slowly to allow you and your baby to bond and relax together in a magical water world.

On completion of the course, your little one will earn their Baby Sprites water wings and be awarded a certificate of their achievements(These can be purchased at  small extra cost at the end of each term).

Swimming Lessons in Lincolnshire and Newark: Baby Sprites swimming lessons for babies take place at our swimming pool in Nettleham, Lincoln, Wragby and Girton, Newark
Whilst we use our age groups as a general guide, our courses are based on the ability and capability of each individual child in the swimming pool. It is about them as individuals and what they can confidently achieve as safely as possible.  If your baby is over 8 months but new to the swimming pool or new to swimming lessons, then it may be advisable to start them off in the Baby Sprites class to ensure their happiness and water confidence.

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*Further details about introducing babies to swimming pools and immunisations can be found on The current recommendation is that your baby does not need any immunisations before they go swimming but if you have any concerns at all, please discuss these with your Midwife, Health Visitor or Doctor.

Baby Sprites Under 8 Months

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