Aqua Sprites: 18 months +

In our Aqua Sprites swimming lessons, your toddler may start to feel confident swimming on their own for a short distance, both with a woggle or without! 

Their water confidence will have grown significantly by now, and they will love playing in the water with you and their fellow Aqua Sprites too.

We encourage them to enter the water safely during their swimming lessons and give them the opportunity to practice jumping and diving skills. We build on the leg and arm movements to develop their swimming skills further. 

The main focus of our Aqua Sprites lessons is on having fun, and learning vital swimming skills without them even realising it!

We play games, sing songs and take part in some individual and group activities to reinforce and build on the knowledge they have learned during their time at Water Sprites swimming lessons.  

We use a variety of floats, woggles and other swimming equipment to build them up towards independent swimming in the water.
Toddlers enjoy the predictability and solidity that comes with the repetition of a movement and a rhyme, so in this way we make learning to swim easy and natural.

Praise, hugs and kisses and the joy of their accomplishments in the water during their swimming lessons, will motivate your toddler to take on new challenges and develop swimming skills that will last a lifetime.

On completion of the course, your little one will earn their Aqua Sprites water wings and be awarded a certificate of their achievements(These can be purchased at a small extra cost at the end of each term).
Whilst we use our age groups as a general guide, our courses are based on the ability and capability of each individual child in the swimming pool.  It is about them as individuals and what they can confidently achieve as safely as possible.  Their safety is paramount.  As a minimum for this course, your little one should be able to stand and walk unaided and should be able to respond to basic instructions to ensure their wellbeing, both in the swimming pool and on the poolside, during their swimming lessons.

Swimming Lessons in Lincolnshire and Newark: Aqua Sprites swimming lessons for toddlers take place at our swimming pools in Nettleham, Lincoln, Wragby and Girton, Newark.  

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