The Water Sprites Swimming Approach

At Water Sprites, our structured and progressive swimming lessons have been carefully and thoughtfully planned with your developing baby and toddler in mind. 

In each swimming class we combine songs and games to introduce vital swimming skills in a fun and energetic way.

Our swimming courses are designed specifically for the three different age groups (Baby Sprites 0-8 months, Bubble Sprites 8-18 months and Aqua Sprites from around 18 months upwards), which means that as your little one grows we are progressively teaching them the right things at the right time. It is all about them as individuals.
We want them to be completely confident and content with what they are doing, so they feel challenged and learn new swimming skills when they are ready and able.

Their happiness and enjoyment in the swimming pool is vital. More importantly we want them to be safe, so will only ever teach them new things when they are physically capable.

We don’t use any permanent floatation devices such as armbands, because we feel it is important to encourage your child’s own natural swimming movements. This helps to reinforce their water confidence and understanding of their aquatic surroundings.

At Water Sprites we believe in teaching babies & toddlers life saving skills as well as a base for future swimming techniques. Our approach is to ensure safety and water confidence, encouraging parents to fully utilise the benefits and enjoyment they can have swimming with their babies, toddlers and children, wherever they are.

As well as safety and water confidence, your baby or toddler will benefit from building strength, coordination and cardiovascular exercise. Our swimming lessons are great fun for parents too and can be a good way to meet friends who are interested in the same things as you.

Water Sprites swimming lessons are primarily designed to use baby’s natural affinity to water, and where appropriate their early gag reflex, to introduce them to water confidence and safety from an early age. Babies, toddlers and children can join our swimming lessons at any time. 

All our swimming courses are based on baby’s and children’s developmental needs - physically and psychologically.
Groups are kept small to provide a calm environment and teaching is geared to individual needs.

What do we do in our swimming lessons?

In our Water Sprites baby and toddler swimming classes we work closely alongside you by showing you the various ways of holding your baby and moving them through the water to encourage development of their natural swimming reflexes. 

We show you lots of different exercises and movements to allow each baby and toddler to develop at their own pace, and we encourage you to swim together so that your little one experiences the motions of swimming. 

During our lessons, we go underwater, and we jump and dive in the water to encourage breath control and water confidence. We play games and use various swimming aids and toys to encourage your baby and toddler towards independence in the water.

We are different from other baby and toddler swimming lessons!

A great deal of thought has been put into each individual Water Sprites swimming lesson to ensure that babies and toddlers are getting the most out of their sessions.

We use various swimming equipment to create a fun, different and progressive experience for them including toys, floats, and musical instruments!  We like to make our sessions interesting and interactive for everyone.

Our teachers are highly trained, DBS checked and First Aid at work trained and many of our teachers have a teaching back ground, which helps to bring a new dimension to the lessons, which are delivered. 

We are friendly, approachable and will not rush you. 

We enjoy sharing this magical time with you and your little one, and like to offer the individual and personal touch in all of our swimming lessons.

Baby Sprites Under 8 Months

Baby Sprites 8-18 Months

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