What is a Water Sprite?

A Water Sprite is a small, mystical and sparkling creature, like a fairy or an elf, who loves swimming and playing in the water. Water Sprites not only breathe air but can breathe in the water too, and they love using their magical wings to fly in the sky and to glide through the water.  So here is where your little Water Sprite’s magical swimming adventure begins…

Which Water Sprite are you?

Water Sprites baby and toddler swimming classes, which last 30 minutes, are held during the school term time and can be joined at any age under the age of four and at any time (subject to spaces being available). 

We run baby swimming lessons at two levels. 

Baby Sprites lessons are designed with the younger baby in mind up to 8 months old.

Bubble Sprites lessons have been created for the slightly older baby from the age of around 8 months up to 18 months old. 

We also offer toddler swimming classes for little Aqua Sprites from 18 months upwards.

Each course has been designed specifically for that age group so that we are progressively teaching the right things at the right time at a pace that is right for your little one.

Parents will need to accompany their little ones in their swimming lessons but don’t worry if you are not a confident swimmer yourself – there is lots that you can do and in all of our classes you should be able to stand up confidently in the water. 

Click on the age group icons on the right to find out more about our various Water Sprites swimming lessons.

Showing them the way…

There are many benefits associated with early swimming for babies and toddlers, if you take things at a gradual pace.

In every Water Sprites swimming lesson, we take a relaxed approach to aquatics that build on the idea that swimming comes naturally to babies and toddlers. We just need to gently show them the way by introducing key skills at the right time for each of them.

Water Sprites swimming lessons are stimulating and exciting to help babies and toddlers develop co-ordination, strength and confidence over time, and are sensitive to both your needs and the individual needs of your little one.

All of the swimming lessons are fun yet structured and use a variety of toys, floats and games to teach swimming skills, water safety and self-rescue skills. We don’t just teach your little one important water skills, but we try to encourage them to lean a few other things along the way, like counting and colours, to really enhance their learning experience.

Baby Sprites Under 8 Months

Baby Sprites 8-18 Months

Baby Sprites 18 Months +